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Troop Evening, Croft and Huncote

In November we were invited by Croft and Huncote Scouts to host a Troop evening at their Troop meeting room in Huncote. This was our first visit to Croft and Huncote, and it was great to meet the Leaders and Scouts.

We decided to run cane pioneering, a flexible activity that can be adapted to suit age and numbers. The Patrols were challenged to build the tallest self-supporting tower, a structure to throw a soft ball furthest (whether trebuchet or catapult), and finally the longest bridge able to support a weight, a plastic bottle of water. The Scouts quickly learned that simply building the longest structure was nit enough to support a weight, and there was some trial and error.

If any Troop Leader would like us to run an evening activity, please get in touch.